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Here, it is important to note that they are legal to host, as the platform provider provides the space to share the content. It is the user who uploads the material who must hold the copyright to it. Also, in the case of VOD, the service provider uploads content that they have licenses to use in the scope of VOD.

What if illegal content is found on such portals? Then the service provider is obliged to remove such content as soon as he is reliably informed about it.


First check who the service provider is, if they do not admit it is the first sign that should raise your doubts. See if it is advisable that they have a license to the material they are providing. Also look to see if there are an unusually large number of advertisements displayed on the site or if running the material is hindered by pop-ups/advertisements.

It is very easy! Use our email available on the website!

On behalf of copyright holders, the Foundation notifies the platform service provider that the content on its portal is illegal. Then it also calls for their removal, and if the requested actions are not taken, it takes the matter to court.

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